Tuesday, February 13, 2018

HC-06 with Windows 10 - My experience

Many people, including myself, have used HC-06 with many earlier versions of Microsoft Windows, such as Windows Vista, 7 and 8 without any problem. The HC-06 module did it's job happily and the Bluetooth Serial link was very reliable. However with the release of Windows 10, it became hard for me to get connected with their HC-06 Bluetooth Serial port.

However, after an years effort, I realized that the following simple fix could solve this issue without any struggle.

The Issue 

The issue could be summarized as follows.

  • HC-06 gets paired with windows 10.
  • Cannot add a Bluetooth Serial Port for the device
    • HC-06 is not listed in the device list
  • Bluetooth Serial port does not show up in the terminal software

The fix

This is not an uncommon issue. Windows 10 had the same issue with many other Bluetooth devices, other than the HC-06 transceiver module. Therefore, it is most likely for the manufacturer your PC's Bluetooth radio to release a driver update which fixes this issue.

  1. Update the Bluetooth Driver
    • Try to find the update from the manufacturer's website directly.
    • If  the above step is not successful, the driver could be updated using windows update service.
  2. Restart the PC
    • Restarting all the services helps.
  3. Pair the device again, and add a Bluetooth serial port.

Check the drop-down menu for our module

Only the Outgoing port is useful for HC-06

Once the port is added, it will be visible in any Terminal software.

Bluetooth Serial port is available

Hello from Arduino (Over HC-06)

So after just a simple driver update, HC-06 Bluetooth Serial communication on Windows 10 works well, at least for me.

My OS Version is Microsoft Windows 10 Pro. Find version info from the below image.

My Windows version info

I cannot guarantee that this will work for everyone, but it did for me. So it's worth a try.